I want to share a story as you were the first person that came to my mind when the patient told me that he received his first social security check. On 7/14/2023, I blocked time and helped a patient apply for social security benefits. It took three hours and nine minutes. I stopped work at 5:30 pm and helped the patient from 5:40 to 9 pm. The patient wanted to stop as it was time-consuming for him. I proceeded. I went on vacation and came back on 8/3/2023 and he informed me that he was approved and received his first payment via direct deposit on 8/1/2023. It was $1300. I was shocked. He sent me a copy of the bank deposit ( lol, he was so happy). That was super-fast. I read about social security benefits for heart failure patients as it relates to being on a heart transplant wait list ( compassionate allowance). I was happy as he was happy and he said to me ” Shameeka, you did it and I paid my rent”. The patient was so relieved to have an income. He worked as a fireman for 30 years and had to resign due to heart failure. He took the money from his pension and paid his rent for six months. After six months, he had no money but luckily for him, his family was assisting him but it was a struggle for them. I said to myself, I have got to tell Attorney Taylor this. We applied on 7/14/2023 and he received his first payment on 8/1/2023. I said I could not wait to take this class as I wanted to master helping people win. I just want to be knowledgeable as SSA rules and regulations can come off as complex and intimidating. The patient would have been hospitalized until he received a heart transplant and I did not want him worrying about finances but it is hard not to be concerned about how your bills will get paid. It is hard trying to focus on getting well when you do not know how you are going to pay your rent. I was very happy for that patient. Thank you, Attorney Taylor, for what you do and for the course you created.

— Meeka, MSW, LCSW-A, CCM
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